Shanxi Yangcheng selected the fifth batch of national ecological civilization construction demonstration zones

Recently, Yangcheng County, Jincheng City, Shanxi Province was selected for the fifth batch of national ecological civilization construction demonstration zones, which were recognized by the Ecological Environment Department.

Yangcheng County is located in the southeastern part of Shanxi Province. In the past few years, Yangcheng County Party Committee, County Government, the concept of ecological priority and green development, "The environment is people’s livelihood, Qingshan is beautiful, blue sky is also happy" became full The consensus and action of society.

In environmental protection, greening, urban construction, beautiful rural, domain tourism, transformation, etc., brave in innovation, depicting a colorful green ecological picture. Carried out ecological repair management urban and rural faces have been renewed in recent years, Yangcheng County adheres to coal mining, pollution, dust, tube, control "five-serving", the air quality continues to improve, 2020, the number of excellent days or more than 306 days; Integrated pollution index, decline%; sulfur dioxide average concentration in the province first.

Investment of 2.3 billion yuan in the county three rivers (Qihe, Zaze River, Reed River), the ecology is repaired, and the water quality is reached the surface water III standard, and the water is rehabilized. Investing billions, the first to start the national rural life sewage treatment, according to the overall idea of ??"the river cloth factory, the factory, the station, the station, the engineering guarantee", built 5, small sewage treatment station 20 A sewage pipe network is 258 kilometers, and the domestic sewage of 231 villages has reached governance, accounting for 82% of the county population.

Become a typical example of improving rural homage environment. According to the positioning of "Park City, Exquisite Mountain City", investment 1.5 billion yuan, the county town of 6.67 million square meters of forest parks and 80 kilometers of ecological greenways, the county green rate reached%; investment billion yuan, to the ring county The Zeze River conducted an ecological governance and the construction of Binhe Greenway, with a total area of ??10,000 square meters. Leading the "Practice of the Two Mountain Theory Demonstration Zone", classify the village planning, continuously implementing the waste of garbage, pastoral cleaning project, rural gasification project, vigorously promoting the toilet revolution, dismantling special action, building a national environment 1 beautiful township, 8 environmentally beautiful townships in Shanxi Province, 13 ecological civilization villages in Shanxi Province, 250 in the county-level ecological garden village, and rural homage environment improved in the province. The road of brave green transformation promotes the production and lifestyle green change Yangcheng County insisted on "coal", steady "electricity", "chemical" chemical ", long" qi "green transformation development ideas do not shake, with new old kinetic energy to transform into a grip, Focus on equipment manufacturing, new materials, solid waste, food processing, modern logistics, digital economy and other industries, cultivation, Yangcheng, develop "new engine". 22 coal mines "5G + wisdom green mine" construction has made new progress, "Surface fire-integrated" power industry green development new pattern preliminary formation, biomedicine, fine chemical, equipment manufacturing, coalbed methane conversion, ceramic new materials, solar cells A number of low-carbon green projects such as materials and new photovoltaic film new materials are landed in Yangcheng. Focusing on "Coal Coal Disposal, Coal Coal, Coal Coal, Coal Coal is not coal", and promotes the clean energy revolution, and create a clean green energy demonstration base. Continuously promote the construction of "gasification Yangcheng", the transfer of gas supply is covered with 13 towns and towns, and the population gasification rate is 93%; fully promotes the construction of green mines, green factory construction, and all industrial enterprises complete "coal to gas". Continuously promote the "centralized heating" project, the city centralized heating rate is 100%, and the clean heating rate of rural areas is 60%. "Gasification Yangcheng", "concentrated heating" is in the forefront of the country. Green development bonus releases the intensive industry booming Yangcheng County uses the "National National Tourism Demonstration Zone" gold medal sign, hit "Gongbao Group + Taihang Landscape, Forest Kangsuo + Characteristic Complement" two cards, build full-age , Full-time period, all ecological "National Kangsui Tourism Destination" "Zhongyuan Citizen Trade Garden" "Kangsuar Shanxi · Summer Tao Shanxi is preferred."

It has been built in the development of leisure rural and rural tourism, the construction of the agricultural and forestry reservoir industry, the construction of the Chinese agricultural park and the Taihang No. 1 national scenery, built 1 5A, 2 4A, 5 3A ecotourism The scenic area has developed more than 70 farms and farms, and more than 1600 farmers. In 2020, he was awarded the "National Forest Complementation Base Pilot Construction County", and it was a list of "2020 National County Tourism Development Pottery Baijia County" list. (Zhu Ziyang) (Editor: Zhu Ziyang, Zhang Linshan) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.