What kind of substance is there a matter of krill oil? What is good for the human body?

The krood oil is a fat product extracted with fresh krill or dry krill as a raw material.

Krill has a more famous variety of Antarctine, Pacific Krill and Northern Phosphite, of which Antarctic krill resources are the most abundant, and it is the most important raw material of krill oil. Therefore, the krill oil is generally guided by the noodles of shrimp oil. Antarctic krill mainly lives in the shallow seas near the Antarctic, the unique living environment gives high fat, high protein, high mineral elements, etc. The krill oil of the raw material, the nutritional value is nor.

What is the material of krill oil contains four substances of phosphorus oil: phospholipids, shrimp vitrin and Omega-3 fatty acids. Each of the primary components of the krill oil has proven to be beneficial to the cells and tissues of the human body. Because the antioxidant shrimp is dark red, the krill oil is bright red. 01 phospholipid is the effect of phospholipids in the krill oil lies in incorporating cell membranes.

The cell membrane is mainly phospholipid. The krill oil can only enter an OMEGA-3 fatty acid into the cell. Health is beneficial because the incorporation of the cell membrane is related to long-term absorption and tissue absorption. The function of 02omega-3 fatty acids Omega-3 fatty acid has been proven to be critical to mental health and brain development and function. Studies have shown that higher EPA and DHA intake, suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, decline in age-related cognitive ability, depression, aggressive, and so on.

Omega-3 fatty acids can improve mental health by affecting nervous system activities, memory, serotonin and dopamine levels, neuronal transmission and neuronal synaptic formation. Studies have shown that people with low levels of EPA and DHA are smaller.

DHA is also related to better visual memory, execution functions and abstract thinking. Typically, brain capacity is reduced from cognitive ability and dementia. Due to the normal aging process, the brain capacity has begun to fall at the age of 30, but if there is mild dementia, it is developed twice the speed, which indicates that the best Omega-3 intake is required in his life. 03 shrimp vitrin is what shrimp vitrin is a super long chain stable fat-soluble antioxidant, so that the krill oil turns bright red.

Protecting the oxidation pressure of the cell membrane, which has a strong protective effect on the eyes, heart and skin, and can effectively improve the endurance of skeletal muscle. It helps to keep the Omega-3 fatty acid stable in krill oil.

In the cell, it provides a protective effect of anti-radical attacks, and has demonstrated the oxidative stress of smokers or obesity. The shrimp is related to health benefits, such as anti-inflammatory and alleviating pain. After moving, the skin is faster, the skin is protected by ultraviolet protection, with aging and age, liver, heart, eyes, joints and prostate health.

McPherson South Polar Charm Shrrood Oil 1, the raw material is guaranteed, the purity and non-pollution-free Mai Fu San Antarctic krill oil is a non-pollution-free, the NAP, the NAP, the lar shrimp, and the rigorous selection of materials. Processing, with advanced production technology in Germany, to ensure excellent quality of the product.

2, high content, absorption fast contains 800mg (ultra high content), krill oil is water-soluble, and the absorption effect is doubled. Phospholipid Omega-3 fatty acids are soluble in water, and their digestion and absorption are faster.

3, use ultra-low temperature extraction to extract the krill oil from the Antarcticine shrimp in aseptic environment, which can ensure the introduction of chemicals and toxic substances, and to reduce chemicals and toxic substances. Composite molecules and keep phospholipids in phosphite.

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