Thick ecological background color enhanced development motivation

  Protect your ecological environment like protecting your eyes, treating an ecological environment like life.

  Tibet is firmly established the concept of "Green Shui Mountain is Jinshan Yinshan". It establishes the leadership group of the Ecological Civilization Construction of the District Party Committee, convene the Ecological Environment Protection Conference in the District, has made the establishment of national ecological civilization construction demonstration zones, accelerating the construction of beautiful Tibet, and build a national ecology Major decision-making deployment such as civilized highlands, ecological environmental protection has continued to increase, and the pollution control of air, water, soil has achieved remarkable results. The "13th Five-Year Plan" identified ecological environment 9 constrained indicators and pollution prevention and control, the core phase of the battle, the number of air quality of the urban air quality is more than 99%, the scale of the surface water is 100 %, Main pollutants (chemical oxygen demand, ammonia nitrogen, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide) emissions are controlled within the national appointment, and the unit GDP carbon dioxide emissions reduce%, all-level urban fine particles meet all the standards, and there is no inferior V Water body.

  United Defense Cooperation – Co-Guarding Tibetan Blue Plateau Blue, Blue is a thoroughly.

  As long as people take a few pictures related to the blue sky with the plateau, they will harvest full of praise in the circle of friends.

  In recent years, Tibet has continually optimized the adjustment of industries, energy, transportation and land structure, promoting wind-resistant sand greening, diesel cargo pollution control, scattered enterprises to investigate and rectify, industrial enterprises to meet the standard emissions. As of the end of 2020, the entire district cleansing energy power installed loader, which increases a percentage point year-on-year.

  Data show that in 2020, the overall environmental air quality in the whole area is excellent. The average number of environmental air in the whole district is%. The proportion of the average number of excellent days in Lhasa is 100%, ranking 2nd in 168 key cities across the country; Shigati City , Shannan City, Linzhi City, Changdu, Naqu City, Ali area, in 337 levels of urban environmental air quality in 337 municipalities in the country, the 5th, 11th, 1st, 9th, 25th , 9th place.

The mass air quality of the Everest region is continuously maintained in an excellent state and reaches the primary standard. Take a measures – the early morning of the river, the cold, the cold, the bones, Lhasa City, Niwu County, continued to move towards the township, along the renewal river all the way, put the river width, water flow rate and shore Soil, vegetation, etc. records on the basis. Tibet is incorporated into the important content of River Lake management into the construction of ecological civilization. On the one hand, 14747 River lake leaders are set up. On the other hand, accelerate sewage prevention, measures, and ensure the net. Tibet has settled 141 counties and above and 1 million thousand tons of rural centralized drinking water source protected areas, establish 664 to the river and pollution account, complete 1491 underground storage tanks to prevent seepage renewal renovation. Continued construction of 14 new sewage treatment plants, promoted 27 rural sewage treatment pilot project construction, the district urban, county and above urban sewage concentration increased to%,%.

  At present, the main rivers and lakes in the whole region have maintained good, and the national quality standards of the corresponding waters have reached the state.江, Jinsha River, Yarlun Zangbao, Nujiang Decong Water Quality reached the "Standard of Surface Water Environment Quality Standard" Class II standard; Lhasa River, Yechu River, Niyang River, etc., river water quality to the important town, reached the "Surface Water Environmental Quality Standard" Class III Standard; the water quality of the velvet river originated from the Everest peak reached the Class I standard.

Nammail, Bangong Lake, Yang Zhuo Yiyi Water Quality to meet the "Standard of Surface Water Environment Quality Standard" Class II Standard; Color Law Water Quality Reaches "Standard of Surface Water Environment Quality Standard" Class IIS. Supervisor – Mountain Green Village Beauty New In Bo Mi County, Xiji Township Xiba Village, arranged to cut the deforestation, arrange the forest staff to be inspected every day, plan garbage collection points, organize the villagers to turn into the village and clean the village. Environmental hygiene and Increases measures such as publicity and education, and local villagers have become a participant from the bystanders protected by ecological environment, not to throw garbage, don’t just cut down the trees on the mountain, and the village is new. The villagers wangly gave reporters to count the account: from the past, cut trees, grazing, farming, and passed the Baba; now, to receive public welfare forest compensation, grazing, planting, annual income of about 100,000 yuan.

"Eating mountains, only mountains are good, can be a monk, one wood is a money. During the" 13th Five-Year Plan ", the party committee of the Party Central Committee on the construction of ecological civilization, the implementation of policy measures, investment efforts Big unprecedented. Strive for fund billions, implement ecological environmental protection projects such as atmospheric, water, soil pollution prevention and ecosystem protection. All pairs of Tibetan provinces (cities) have implemented capital of 10,000 yuan, fully support the basic capabilities of the grassroots ecological environment.

  At the same time, the leaders of the party organizations at the Tibet continue to strengthen the leadership of the ecological civilization, continued to implement environmental inspections, and continuously carry out environmental protection assessment in five years, the environmental protection regulations completed the revision, Ecological civilized highland construction regulations, and atmospheric pollution control regulations. Legislation, ecological civilization system mechanism is constantly improving, party and government matsu, one job is full of compaction, green development concept is deeply rooted, and the green background and quality of Tibet high quality development are constructed.

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