Xuhui Binjiang Party Group Service Center completed the enabled "One Jiang Yihe" new space integration

Original title: Xuhui Binjiang Party Service Center completed the enabled "One Jiang Yihe" new space integrated recently, the new era of the Shanghai Municipal Party Committee Organization Department and Xuhui District Committee and the district government, Shanghai Binjiang Party Building Innovation Practice Base, Xuhui Binjiang Party Service The center is officially completed.

As one of the 12 new era of Shanghai grassroots party building innovation practices, the latest Xuhui Binjiang party service center surrounded the "Binjiang Party Construction" innovation brand, focus on the planning of the new space of the city of the "one Jiang Yihe", planning and resource integration, exploration of the party group Work new development path.

  Telling the story of "One River, River", 45 kilometers of public open space on both sides of Huangpu River, 42 kilometers of Suzhou River Central City, have been open to become a good place for citizens.

While vigorously promoting the "one river and one river", Shanghai is also fully implemented in a full range of public space transformation of waterfront.

  In the Xuhui Binjiang Party Service Center, urban memory on "One Jiang Yihe" can be seen everywhere, tentacles can be. Into the exhibition hall, "3D relief water network" technology gathered the precious image of 6 different historical periods in Shanghai, showing the past and present students of Shanghai "One Jiangyi River". "Binjiang Yudu" is in the form of mobile phone VR (virtual reality) scanning by mirroring. "Shui Bank" is in the form of a time axis, and people shuttle in Xuhui Bin River more than 1,000 years of "time and space tunnel".

  The "L-shaped stereo multidimensional space" display device allows the audience to panoramic view "14th Five-Year Plan" and 2035 Vision Targets. Many children are eager to try the "simulated cruise ship experience device", they can simulate the wind and savings on the Huangpu River by manipulating the virtual vessel rudder, and open the experience of the landmarks of the Pujiang River, open an immersive "West Bank Tour". "Binjiang Party Group Service Center must make a strong consumption of city spirit through the" One Jiang Yihe "story, highlighting the city’s character, and contribute to the promotion of Shanghai City’s soft power. The service center focuses on the exhibition show, curriculum training, research and exploration of the Binjiang party construction, is a hub type carrier integrating the party’s education, party group service, party members practice, and party building innovation.

  Create the "Shui Bank Lecture Hall" on the first floor of the Binjiang Party Building, Binjiang Party Group, has a huge party flag of rice wide and rice high.

Party members came here, standing on the party’s heavy warranty, will also focus on the topics such as Binjiang, development and governance, and open the four major categories of "Binjiang Party Construction Mining Course". Xuhui Binjiang Party Service Center taught Zhang Lili introduced that it can accommodate hundreds of "Shui Bank Lecture Hall", which is both party classes, salons, and forums, and is also open reading space.

Citizens have come here to learn party history, reading parent-child painting, people who are different age groups, and different interested hobbies can learn from spiritual nutrients.

  It is understood that the Xuhui Binjiang Party Service Center is based on the "Shui Bank" party group service system launched since Xuhui District last year, focusing on the "real" word, putting the original information, rest, and emergency services in Waterfront.

Qiao Caffle, West Bank Art Museum, Xi’an Zhita, Xuhui Binjiang Construction Man House … 22 various carriers in the public open space of Xuhui Bin River, are included in the construction of the party group service site. Focus on "Rong" word, Xuhui Binjiang Party Group Service Center is building a first-line position of the Binjiang Party, the shared space of the public tourists, the integrated carrier of the waterstore service, and the important platform of Binjiang Governance. The center has opened "Third Health", maternal and childroom, runner station, "love gas station", which can be convenient for people to come and come and come and come and come and come and come and come and come and come and come and see groups in groups, security workers, couriers and takeago workers. supply.

A service like this, has opened a total of 20 in the Binjiang Party Group Service Center, so that the citizens of Binjiang people "enjoy", "Lohas", and the company’s white-collar "music", talent elite "music" "."

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