Yu Xin: contributes Hulunbeier for "Building Brightly Inner Mongolia, Circular Great Chinese Dream"

Original title: Unwavering the ecological priority, the road to green development is "Building a bright Inner Mongolia, a total of great Chinese dreams" contributing Hulunbeier’s power – visit the Autonomous Region Party Committee Standing Committee, Hulunbeier Municipal Party Committee Secretary of the New "Just concluded autonomous region Party CPC, for us on the new journey ‘to build a bright Inner Mongolia, a total of greatest Chinese dreams, depicting blueprints, blowing the horn.

"The Standing Committee of the Autonomous Region Party Committee, the secretary of the Hulunbeier Municipal Party Committee said in an interview with the spirit of the 11th party congress in the Autonomous Region, said that Hulunbeier City will learn to implement the spirit of the 11th Party Congress of the Autonomous Region as the current important political task. "The big people of the country", do "two maintenance", establish the correct historical view, big concept, angular view, unswervingly walking ecological priority, green development road, cultivating the Chinese national community awareness, no Throughout the implementation of the important speech of General Secrets, General Secrets, General Secretary, Party Central Decision Administration and Autonomous Region Party Committee Workroom Strategy, maintenance of national unity, national unity, defensive responsibility in the northern frontier of the motherland, showing Hulunbeier, contributing Hulunbeier, blooming Hulunbeier style. First, always maintain the strategic power of the ecological civilization construction, build a motherland North Xinjiang Ecology Safety barrier.

The party context of the autonomous region puts the protection of the ecological environment in an overwhelming position, will build an important ecological safety barrier in northern my country as a major political responsibility that must be taken.

Hulunbeier City is a typical ecological city, to resolutely pick this responsibility, guarding the people of all ethnic groups in the city to survive and develop, and send a deep and love. Focus on improving the quality of the ecosystem, breaking the demarcation of administrative divisions, coordinating the integrity of the ecosystem, the continuity of geographic units, integrated grassland sands comprehensive management, natural forest protection and repair, wetland protection recovery, river lake protection, black land protection Using various engineering projects, solve the individual repair problems of natural ecosystems such as grassland, forest, river lake, and wetland, gradually form a block-oriented ecological protection system, and the integrated protection of various natural elements. . In-depth prevention and control, strong war, adhere to precision pollution, scientific pollution, and pollute the air quality improvement action, water pollution control action, soil pollution prevention action, to solve the problem of ecological environment, protect Hulunbeier Blue sky, clear water, pure land.

Improve the ecological civilization system system, strictly implement the hard constraint of the "three-way zone three-line", continue to play the orientation of the green indicator assessment, increase the investigation of ecological environmental protection, implement a good ecological environment damage compensation system, starting from the doll, carrying out the green green Create actions to create a good atmosphere of national concern, support, participation in ecological civilization construction, to create a more beautiful contribution to Hulunbeier to create this landscape of the motherland.

The second is to establish a distinctive orientation of ecological priority, green development, and build a green modern industrial system.

The party congregation of the autonomous region has made a clear requirement for promoting high quality development in promoting the Eastern League City in the Eastern League City. Hulunbeier City should combine itself, actively construct an ecological industrialization and industrial ecological system, and adhere to the ecological priority, and green development is not shaken.

Promote ecological industrialization and promote ecological value transformation. In direct transformation, it will be able to directly honor the ecological resources of "Jinshan Yinshan" into the industrial system, relying on the rich forest grassland resources, vigorously develop carbon discharge economy and ecological tourism, and achieve economic value directly. In indirectly transformation, through production, processing, service, the ecological value is released, relying on high-quality air, water source, soil and other ecological resources, unique "cold resources", vast airspace resources, vigorously develop ecological agricultural and animal husbandry, industrial products Cold resistance test, big data, ice and snow sports industry, general aviation and emergency industries, increase the ecological added value of products and services. In the conversion transformation, the service industry and the traditional service industry and the traditional service industry and the traditional service industry and the traditional service industry and the traditional service industry and the extension of the trade, the food and theater are promoted, and the high-quality service value of the high-quality service industry and the ecological industry is released.

Through these three conversion paths, the Hulunbeier’s ecological advantages are transformed into economic development advantages in a multi-channel, high value-added, and industrial chain.

Promote industrial ecologicalization and promote low-carbon development in industrial green circulation.

Whether it is developing agriculture and animal husbandry or industrial, service industry, adheres to green intelligent high-end orientation, promoting industrial transformation and green transformation, reducing pollutant emissions, especially carbon emissions, maximizing the impact on natural ecology, Make ecological industrialization, industrial ecology form a closed loop, unify protection and utilization, and construct a green modern industrial system with Hulunbeier characteristics.

The third is to always cast a sense of consciousness of the Chinese nation, and promote the national unity and the border stability. The party congress of the Autonomous Region will safeguard national unity, and the border stability is no longer any flashing task, and the people will live a good day as all work points and foothold.

As the northern end of the autonomous region, Hulunbeier, we must adhere to the people’s supreme, rely on the people, constantly benefit the people, and firmly build the people, consolidate the national unity, maintain social harmony, and ensure the safety of the frontier.

Strengthen the education of the Chinese nation’s community, promote the construction of the Chinese nation, the construction of spiritual home, do a good job in the promotion of national universal language and text, and fully implement the national codes of teaching materials, and vigorously create the social conditions of the whole city to share the society. Communication with all ethnic groups, let the community concept of resting and total, honor and disgrace, life and death, and their destiny, the people of all ethnic groups are deeply rooted in the hearts of all ethnic groups.

Enhance the national people’s livelihood, compliant, the new expectations of the people of all ethnic groups to the beautiful life, focus on improving the prevention of people’s livelihood protection, equivalent, social governance, modernization, complement employment, education, medical and other social undertakings, constantly Enhance the feelings, happiness, and safe feelings of all ethnic groups. Improve national affairs management skills and levels, strictly implement national security responsibility system, strictly prevent the overview of hostile force penetration, and actively and steadily dealt with national factors, protect the legitimate rights and interests of all ethnic groups according to law, and combat all kinds Official crimes, guarding the security of the frontier. The fourth is to always put a comprehensive political responsibility from the strict governance, improve the governance ability and leadership. Implement the spirit of the Party Congress of the Autonomous Region, do a good job in Hulunbeier, the key in the party, and the key is.

We have to laminate the responsibility of the Party, and promote the comprehensive development of the parties from the strict treatment of the party, and strive to create a political ecology that the wind is positive.

From the strict ideological and political construction, continue to study and implement the socialist thinking of Chinese characteristics in Xi Jinping, inheriting the spirit of the great party members, and inspiring the party members and cadres in the city. From the construction of cadres, adhere to the new era of good cadres standards, highlight political standards, pay attention to the first line of the grassroots level, in difficulty in difficult, especially in major work and major struggles in the epidemic situation, and investigate the identification cadres, Fully mobilize the enthusiasm of cadres’ business entrepreneurship.

From strictly grasp the grassroots organization construction, adhere to the development mechanism of "five consecutive collaboration, large grasp", and fully deepen the construction of the "Strong Party Branch", and promote the overall progress of grassroots party organizations, and fully exceeded. From strictly grasp the corruption, I can’t rot, I can’t rot, don’t want to rot, and I don’t want to correct "four winds". Precision use of supervision and discipline "four forms", deepened with "two zero tolerance" Corruption struggle, deepening the case to make changes, promote the construction of cases, to promote the case, to do the truth, dare to manage, long tube, so that the city’s major party members cadres in the political ecology of the Hai Yanhe Qing Official entrepreneurship, in order to build a more beautiful and rich and harmonious and peaceful Hulunbeier, struggling to "build a bright inner Mongolia, a total of great Chinese dreams"! (Reporter Li Yufu) (Editor: Liu Ze, Zhang Xue Dong) Sharing let more people see the recommended reading.