The "three attention" of the Qianhua County Committee of the Qinghai Provincial Haidong City promoted "I do practical things for the masses"

  Since the study of the study and education of the party history, Qinghai Province is guided by the Qianhua County Committee of Haidong City, "consolidating the poverty achievements, doing a good job in rural resulted articles", and conscientiously implement the spirit and party history of the provincial, municipal, county rural work conference Educational work arrangements, in-depth point of help the village to carry out the "I do practical things for the people" theme practice activities, play the advantage of the land, and the development direction of grassroots party construction, planning the village, solve the problem of village production and life problems, etc. I have worked hard, and I have effectively promoted the high quality development of Wangjiacun, Wangjiacun, Daoxiang Township, China. Pay attention to party building leaders, strong base casting soul motivation. One is to assist in change, choose the best to fight back. Actively assist the party committee of the Taoist Township, Wangjiacun Party Branch, focus on policy propaganda, bridge bond, discipline supervision role, organizing villagers voting to elect three fair, rich and rich, strong cultural level, high-level village "two committees" team members, extreme The earth optimized the age and academic structure of the "two committees" team of the village. In order to promote the revitalization of rural resolution, it added fresh and strong endogenous motivation; second, strengthen learning and consolidate the foundation. Focusing on the main line of "grasping party building to promote the poverty", always maintain close contact with the "two committees" team in the village, combined with party history education, regularly organize the "three sessions" and "two learning one" topic party class , Organizational village "two committees" cadres, the people’s party members learn political theoretical knowledge and all Hui Migi people policies to help them improve the level of political theory, transform the strengths of the party organization into the advantage of poverty and attacking; three is to visit condolences, and the cold Voice.

The Hai Dong Municipal Committee has been prepared on the "July 1" party’s festival on the "July 1" to build a party, and visited Wangjiacun, respecting their health, family and life. I really grateful for their long-term work, village The contribution of economic development, I hope they can be more firm "always listening to party words, walking with the party", and continuing to play the waste heat, providing valuable comments on the work of the Party Branch and Village "Two Committee".

  Pay attention to the guidance of preaching, brainstorming and seek common development.

First, the spirit of preaching, combined with the village.

Preaching the spirit of the Central Document No. 1, focusing on the policies initiatives in rural revitalization, rural environment rectification, farmers and pastoral areas, ensuring that everyone can understand, learn, and want to penetrate. And the "two committees", the village representative combined with the actual situation of the village, explore the development direction of the research village, solve the long-acting mechanism of the return of the oil, conscientiously plan "beautiful rural construction" and "rural revitalization strategy" implementation, and ensure complement Bathing short board, continuous villagers are stabilized and increasing, continuously improve the quality of life and level of villagers; the second is to organize a discussion, listen to the people’s sleep. Calling the Village "Two Committees" and the villager representatives held a symposium, and strive to solve the problem of "rush to expectations", jointly explore the village party branch to carry out the development of party history education, the development prospect of the pig size, and the damage of agricultural irrigation water canal and planned construction " Bridge, etc., list list, clear time limit, mobilize the village "two committees" and the enthusiasm of the villagers, reflect the situation to the relevant departments, seek help, and effectively reflect the "Question List" reflected by the masses " Promoting the Conversion of Party History ‘s Learning Education Achievements into Work Practice. Pay attention to true help, relieving difficulties to make practical things.

First, support strength and develop breeding. After the completion of the pig farm, the county party committee has assisted the Village "two committees" to handle loans, introduced excellent breeding pigs, purchasing selected feed, inviting professional training for breeders, contact the pig slaughterhouse, meat products, etc., support Industry development, broaden sales channels. At present, Wang Jiacun’s live pig farm has already issued 60 columns, 80 stocks, and sales of pork income have reached 180,000 yuan, and pure income is 10,000 yuan. At the same time, the lessee pays 10,000 yuan of venue rental fees to the village, and consolidate the stable and depletion of poverty reduction. The second is to plant the green and beautify the environment.

Working with Wangjiacun villagers to carry out planting activities, planting spruce, and tits, etc. Used in agricultural production, practice "green water Qingshan is Jinshan Yinshan" and ecological protection priority, use hard work to go deep into the masses, contact the masses, serve the masses, and effectively strengthen national unity; three is to care for children Protective growth. The county party committee has joined hands with the Haidong Municipal Committee to prepare, the "two committees" to form a volunteer service team, join hands to carry out the "Caring for Left-behind children, love ‘parents’ to send warmth" the theme of the theme, through the gift, organize "parent "Activities, signing the learning counseling agreement, organizing the discussion to help the support long-range mechanism, and effectively transform the party history education into the important results of the people, do things, do practical things, and strive to create a healthy growth for Wangjiacun left-behind children. The environment and atmosphere; the fourth is to visit survey, and the problem of cracking is effective. In order to effectively solve the damage of the villagers due to damage to the farming, difficult problems, it is timely, timely understand the situation of damage to the village secretary and the surrounding villagers, and actively communicate with the county agricultural department, detailed explanation, damage causes and cause Loss, etc. After communication with the Agricultural Bureau, the Agricultural Bureau has plans to include Wangjiacun water channels to the first batch of project projects this year. It is estimated that the construction, step-by-step segmentation is advanced, ensuring more than 60 meters of agricultural irrigation water in the Wangjia Village. Subprofessive progress, effectively solve the problem of "rush to expectations"; five is to fight for positions and broaden channel income. In order to encourage gangnan to achieve income through the power of labor, it is achieved in accordance with the spirit of the provincial documents, and actively develops 4 public welfare points of photovoltaic poverty, mainly undertakes the daily cleaning work of the village. Each year is 10,000 yuan. As of now, it has implemented a total of 20,000 yuan for public welfare posts, and 5,000 yuan per person. It truly realized the establishment of the Help household, guaranteed the stability of the help household and continued income, further consolidating, and enhanced Wang Jiacun to remove the poverty results. At the same time, improve the living environment and beautify the face of his hometown. (Player: Wang Qinglin).